Friday, 15 May 2009

Opening night

Tonight is the opening night of Temporary City. The final installments of the 15 artists can be described as follows, in 15 words for each artist.
Anton Cotteleer has made one installation out of coloured pictures and real everyday cultural objects.
Ilke De Vries has made a video showing the passage of time around Volkspark Hasenheide.
Yoko Enoki has made three paintings and placed them close or next to the structure.
Paul Hendrikse has staged a performance of the drum solo in Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin).
Anouk Kruithof has made eight cakes coated with pictures of a party in Temporary City.
Nicolas Leus has changed the exhibition structure by making small adjustments all over the room.
Katrin Plavcak has made two sculptures out of metal, alien structures standing on high legs.
Olivier Schrauwen has drawn a comic and will make a weekly newspaper about Temporary City.
Nada SebestyƩn made three works out of used materials and placed them in the structure.
Nele Tas has made three paintings and placed them above or next to the structure.
Iris Van Dongen has made a portrait drawing in crayon of a person in profile.
Stijn Van Dorpe has made two parallel walls that cut right through the exhibition architecture.
Ada Van Hoorebeke has made a diptych and installed it so that a shrine arose.
Tamara Van San has made several colourful sculptures that are spread across the exhibition space.
Sarah Westphal has made two works: one projection of a window, one landscape lying down.